Robi 349 TK Recharge Offer | Best Robi Internet pack 30 Days

Robi 349 TK Recharge Offer 2022, I will let you know about the offer today. If you are looking for Best Robi Internet package 30 Days then you are at the right place.

Recently, among the popular telecom operators in Bangladesh, more and more internet data is being provided in internet packs. There are many of us who have used Robi SIM’s 349 taka recharge internet offer.

Many people who have used it know from previous experience that Robi has been providing 30 GB internet in 6 different parts for a period of 28 days with a recharge offer of Tk 349.

However, the current context is completely different for Robi customers who have come up with an internet pack at Rs 349 without any obligation. Let’s take a look at how you need to purchase Robi internet offer for 30 days.

রবি ৩৪৯ টাকা রিচার্জ অফার | Robi 349 Tk Recharge Offer 2022

Robi 349 Tk Recharge Offer  রবি ৩৪৯ টাকা রিচার্জ অফার
Robi 349 Tk Recharge Offer রবি ৩৪৯ টাকা রিচার্জ অফার

Above all, Robi 349 Tk Recharge Offer is now providing customers 30 GB internet for a period of 28 days. In this offer customers can now purchase 30 GB internet pack directly through Robi Ghachang Recharge without any obligation as before.

You can also use the My Robi app and popular mobile banking services apps to purchase this offer.

However, keep in mind that Robi is not providing any kind of minutes to the customers of this offer. You will only get 30 GB internet for a period of 28 days.

রবি 369 টক রিচার্জ অফার

If you need internet with minutes in Robi SIM, you can use Robi 369 Taka Recharge Bundle Offer.

In this offer customer gets 12 GB internet and 400 minutes. At present Robi Ghachang Store Recharge this offer is running. If you want you can purchase this offer for a period of 30 days by recharging 369 Taka.

রবি 30 জিবি অফারের তালিকা

Price Offer Activation Validity
TK. 349 30 GB Recharge 28 Days
TK. 369 12 GB + 400 Minutes Recharge 30 Days

কিভাবে রবিতে 30 জিবি কিনবেন?
রবিতে 30 জিবি ইন্টারনেট অফার কিনতে, রবি ঘাচং স্টোর রিচার্জ পদ্ধতির মাধ্যমে 349 টাকা রিচার্জ করুন। আপনি 28 দিনের জন্য 30 জিবি ইন্টারনেট পাবেন।

Robi 30 GB internet offer code?
Currently we do not have Robi 30 GB code available. But now to purchase 30 GB internet offer in Robi SIM, you can recharge 349 rupees directly from Robi Ghachang store.

In Conclusion, 

Hope you found out about Robi 349 TK Recharge Offer. If you have any information about Robi 30 GB internet offer 30 days, let us know by commenting.

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