Grameenphone Esim Info । গ্রামীণফোন ই-সিম সম্পর্কে যা জানা দরকার

Grameenphone Esim Info । গ্রামীণফোন ই-সিম সম্পর্কে যা জানা দরকার

Grameenphone Esim Info:-) On March 1, 2022, Grameenphone, the largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh, announced the launch of e-SIM in the country. E-SIM is an alternative to conventional plastic card chipped SIM. E-SIM can also be called a virtual SIM.

Because you can’t catch or touch the E-SIM provided by the mobile operator. Instead, by scanning a QR code and following the on-screen instructions, e-SIM will be activated on your mobile.

In e-SIM technology, the SIM card chip is provided in the mobile phone. If you look at the SIM cards we bought, you will see a gold-colored metal part. Inside that part is a chip or electronic circuit.

In this chip, the mobile operator has stored its identity electronically. As a result, this SIM will get the network of the known operator on the phone on which it will be launched.

Grameenphone Esim Info

E-SIM technology has made this process easier. In this case, the SIM card chip is given by the manufacturer of the mobile phone in advance the phone. All that remains is part of the network operator’s identity.

When you buy an e-SIM from an operator, they will give you a QR code. Scanning this code, your phone will save the operator’s identity in the e-SIM database in your set.

Then the e-SIM will be installed on your phone. Diameter, your mobile number in that ECM will be activated on your phone!

For example, if you buy an e-SIM from Grameenphone, you will get some documents that will print the QR code of your e-SIM. Then after scanning the QR code on the phone and following the next instructions, the e-SIM number will be activated on your phone.

What are the benefits of Grameenphone e-SIM?

E-SIM is modern and environmentally friendly technology. It does not require a separate plastic or electronic chip for each SIM. This is a virtual SIM. By saving multiple e-SIMs in the phone, you can turn them on or off as you wish.

That means you can switch between e-SIM according to the capacity of your phone. There are many single SIM flagship phones, such as the iPhone 11, in which a conventional SIM card can be inserted. But you can keep an e-SIM running on iPhone 10S or later models.

So if you have been using Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, etc. brand phones for so long then you can now have a GP e-SIM along with a plastic SIM in the model.

How to get Grameenphone e-SIM?
Grameenphone will start selling e-SIM from March 7. From that day you can buy GP e-SIM from various Grameenphone Centers or GP Online Shop.

What is the price of the Grameenphone e-SIM?
Hopefully, it will be known in a few days. However, the price is likely to be around 200 rupees.

Can I convert my existing SIM to e-SIM?
Of course! You can convert your plastic SIM card to e-SIM by going to the nearest Grameenphone Center or SIM Vendor for biometric verification. A charge of Tk 200 will be applicable for this. However, if you are a Star customer, you can get an e-SIM replacement for free.

Is it possible to go back to plastic SIM from e-SIM?

Yes. If you want, you can delete the e-SIM and go back to the conventional plastic SIM card. For this, you have to go to the nearest Grameenphone Center, Customer Care, or Authorized SIM Sales Center.

After biometric verification, you will get a conventional plastic SIM card instead of an e-SIM. For this SIM replacement fee will be applicable. Star customers can be free.

Will e-SIM work on my phone?
Grameenphone’s e-SIM will now run on the handsets listed below.

ESIM Supported  Phone – Grameenphone Esim Info


Google Pixel Smartphone

S/L Phone Model Name
1 Google Pixel 6 Pro
2 Google Pixel 6
3 Google Pixel 5a 5G
4 Google Pixel 5
5 Google Pixel 4a
6 Google Pixel 4
7 Google Pixel 3 & 3XL (Limited support)
8 Google Pixel 2

Apple iPhone

S/L Phone Model Name
1 iPhone 13 > 13 Pro > 13 Pro Max > 13 Mini
2 iPhone 12 > 12 Pro > 12 Pro Max > 12 Mini
3 iPhone SE
4 iPhone 11 > 11 Pro > 11 Pro Max
5 iPhone XS > XS Max
6 iPhone XR
7 iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (4th generation)
8 iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation)
9 iPad Pro 11‑inch (2nd generation)
10 iPad Pro 11‑inch (1st generation)
11 iPad Air (4th generation)
12 iPad Air (3rd generation)
13 iPad (8th generation)
14 iPad (7th generation)
15 iPad mini (5th generation)
Samsung Phone
S/L Phone Model Name
1 Samsung Galaxy_ S22 5G > Ultra 5G, S22+ *(official version will support eSIM by April 01, 2022)
2 Samsung -Fold LTE model
3 Samsung -Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
4 Samsung-Galaxy Z Flip 5G
5 Samsung -Galaxy Z Flip
6 Samsung -Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
7 Samsung- Galaxy Fold
8 Samsung- Galaxy – S21+ 5G >(coming soon)
9 Samsung- Galaxy – S21 Ultra 5G >(coming soon)
10 Samsung -Galaxy _Note 20 FE 5G > coming soon)
11 Samsung- Galaxy_ Note 20 FE > (coming soon)
12 Samsung- Galaxy_ Note 20> 20 + 20 Ultra+ Ultra 5G > (coming soon)

Hopefully, Grameenphone Esim Info. many more supported handsets will be added to this list soon.

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